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Heart Yourself was founded by Jenny Strebe, author of the popular blog Confessions of a Hairstylist. Jenny has been a hairstylist for 13 years and when she launched her hair blog in 2012, she wanted to share her passion for hair and inspire other women to feel better about themselves. It worked. She now has an online following of 14,000+ viewers and has been featured on AZ Channel 3, NBC, Readers Digest, Modern Salon and TLC.

Jenny witnessed first-hand how women were learning to feel wonderful about themselves by learning something as simple as how to style a sleek pony or construct a romantic up-style through her tutorials. This inspired Jenny and she decided to extend her passion for building women's self-esteem in other ways. 

As a result, Jenny conceived the idea of “Heart Yourself”, jewelry designs to inspire women to feel their best and have constant reminders that they are beautiful and loved. Teaming up with Sue Strebe, owner of the most unusual jewelry store called Jewelsmith in Tempe, AZ, they together have come up with unique, custom designs aimed at encouraging women.

Portions of the proceeds from the jewelry will go to Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping empower women through the services of the Jewell McFarland Lewis-Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center. It is the first comprehensive self-help center for women in the country, and is currently accommodating more than 2,500 visits a month by women hoping to improve their lives.