Collaboration: Infinite Hope with Booby and the Beast


Cancer is a c word we are used to. It constantly touches the periphery of our lives, we all have someone close to us that suffered or suffers from this disease. 

February is cancer awareness month. I think you would be hard-pressed to find anyone over the age of 6 that isn’t highly aware of cancer, therefore, I think we need to make more of an effort to be aware of our own bodies, being aware of your body and the changes that happen internally and externally can make all the difference in the world when if comes to cancer.  Know your body, know if that mole changes shape, if there is a lump, if you have persistent headaches- know what is your normal and take enough care of yourself to have anything checked out. Be aware and be preventative (that includes quitting the smokes) and be an advocate for yourself, if you think something is wrong then trust your gut, it's okay if you think you are crazy, get it checked out anyway.

We have collaborated with Jennifer Campisano from  Booby and the Beast for a new necklace, the Infinity necklace. This piece stands for the infinite hope, hope that you cling to when life becomes its most difficult. 

Life throws you both good and bad circumstances. You can choose how to live with them. I choose hope -Jennifer Campisano

Life throws you both good and bad circumstances. You can choose how to live with them. I choose hope -Jennifer Campisano

Jennifer’s blog is touching, charming, funny, informative, and it will grab your heart and twist it. She gives us an honest and endearing account of what it is like to live with cancer.
In 2011, at only 32, with a brand new baby boy, Jennifer thought she found a lump in her breast. Her doctor assured her it was only a clogged duct from nursing her infant and assured her it would go away. She knew better, got a second opinion and that “clogged duct” turned out to be stage IV metastatic breast cancer. 
Jennifer has gone through multiple chemo treatments, losing her hair twice and while she has been cancer free for a year now she continues to endure chemo treatments and will have chemo until there is a cure.
The way Jennifer is so open and honest really opened my eyes as to what her world is like and while I knew what cancer and chemo does to the body scientifically she showed me what cancer does to the person and their family. After reading through her experience I will never look at cancer the same way, neither should you. While you may have little control on developing cancer you can still fight it. You can still be aware, aware of your body, aware of the effects that cancer has on those that suffer and aware that we need to find a real cure.

This is Jennifer, documenting her hair growth.

This is Jennifer, documenting her hair growth.

I asked Jennifer about the loss of her hair, her blog is filled with updates on her loss, gain, and loss again and the gain again of her hair. I’ve seen/heard many a woman warrior make the bald head a battle statement of cancer but Jennifer didn’t necessarily embrace this loss, instead she accepted the situation that she was in and validated it with utter honesty: loosing your hair fucking sucks. Women everyday obsesses over their hair, I rarely remember to brush my curly mess but I would be lost and naked without my hair. Our founder of Project Heart Yourself is herself an Internet celebrity thanks to her hair blog, even if it was en vogue to shave your head (it does come in and out of style) you wouldn't shave your head because it is part of your feminine identity, hair is a huge part of being a woman and feeling good about you. 

Jennifer’s story goes hand in hand with Project Heart Yourself. Loving yourself is one of the hardest but most paramount aspects to life. You do not always have control over what happens to you, or in you but with grace you can accept it and learn to continue living a beautiful life. 


As always, profits from the infinity necklace (and all jewelry here) are donated to charity but we encourage you to make a donation to METAvivor which donates all money to researching metastatic cancer because we lose 1 woman every 15 minutes in the U.S to breast cancer.

Choose Love, Be Kind


They say love is one of the hardest words to translate. The Greeks had four different words for love.  Since the beginning of civilization we have all been interconnected by a feeling we can not resist, in fact, we probably never would have survived without some sort of cavewoman maternal love, whether it’s blood or romance, we love one another and search for others to love. If we are so drawn to connect and protect through love you have to wonder why women in particular find little love for themselves.

The goal of Project Heart Yourself is to promote self esteem in women I want to extend the challenge from loving yourself to loving others around us, women in our lives in particular.

Studies have shown that women share more about their bodies and are inclined to speak negatively about themselves in group settings. When this happens our natural female tendencies are to agree and attempt to put ourselves on the same level, thus talking negatively about ourselves as well (thank you sophomore gender studies class). I see this all the time in the women around me. Sometimes just being aware of the negative comments without even participating in the conversation is enough to affect my mood.

So stop bringing yourself down, stop bringing others down, stop bringing yourself down to meet others that are also down. Do not agree with negativity, instead chose something positive, something kind to say.

Here's an example, because it's hard:

Sarah:  "I ate way too much over the holidays, now I just feel huge, I should start a diet tomorrow."

Jenny: "Have you seen that buzzfeed article  with the women of all sizes doing yoga? Really shows that all bodies are beautiful" 

Be kind. Be kind to yourself and to others around you and you will start to love yourself more, love others more and they will love you in return. It’s our human tendency, we can’t help it. We can chose to be negative or we can choose kindness and spread some more love this season.

"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness" The Dalai Lama XIV

photo via instagram @movelikeagoddess




Love Thyself in 2015

A new year brings new resolutions, not that people use that word anymore, now it's 
"I don't make resolutions I just want to work on ... this year." Which is actually a resolution. Anyway, instead of focusing on diets and exercise, I want to challenge you to work on loving yourself. You can still eat healthy and go to the gym 5 days a week- but do it out of love for yourself and that body of yours, not because you are unhappy with how you are now. 

If we all took the time to learn how to love ourselves we would lead happier lives and that happiness would overflow to the people around us. So, don't worry about being that perfect size, just be the best version of yourself from the inside out and 2015 will definitely be your year of happiness. 

Also, surround yourself with people and things that make you happy like this awesome art I found via Pinterest by Korri Orlando, see more of her work stuff here. What a great reminder of how awesome you are.


You might of heard of this little trick when it comes to giving to kids but we are going to spin it a little for a holiday guide for you. 


This is a major want. The gold diamond bliss bar screams perfection. It's subtle yet stunning with just a hint of bling and the gold just glimmers under all the holiday lights! It warms the skin tone and goes with pretty much every outfit, how could this necklace not be pure bliss?


photo:  marissa_collections  via flickr cc

photo: marissa_collections via flickr cc

Most of us need coffee to survive especially during the busy holidays. We love supporting small coffee roasters that care about the quality as well as the world we live in. A favorite is Counter Culture Coffee. They spread all sorts of good karma around their and their farmer's community and they provide a seriously good direct trade bean, try their Holiday Blend for your morning caffeinated kick.


Braids, braids, braids! Frozen brought it back in a big way but these beauties are here to stay. Check out the lovely Confessions of a Hairstylist for all sorts of braid do's, tricks and tips like this double french braid. She has easy to follow youtube videos that will ensure inspiration for every holiday party you head to (pun intended).


photo:  weelittlepiggy  via flickr cc

photo: weelittlepiggy via flickr cc

Do yourself a favor and before the final movie comes out next year lose yourself in these books. As per usual, the movie can not possibly fit in every single thing that the book does (but the movies still do a fantastic job). These books will take over your life for a few weeks so be willing to lose your smart phone and give in. You will not be sorry, you will be enthralled and maybe even willing to volunteer for tribute (or just washing dishes) yourself. 

12 Days of Christmas

001 Holiday Marketing Heart Yourself.jpg

We love the holidays and we love our beautiful customers so we are celebrating with a 12 Days of Christmas Sale! For 12 consecutive days in December we are sending you guys and ladies some awesome deals like $20 off our Gold Bliss Bar, our Silver Paper Plane Necklace for only $38 and 10 other killer sales to fulfill your holiday wish lists and gift lists. Just check  our Instagram and Facebook daily starting December 1st for all sale info and have an awesome Thanksgiving Day weekend.


photo by the lovely Sara Bishop Photography

'Tis the Season of Secret Sales

012 Holiday Marketing Heart Yourself.jpg

Planning out gifts for loved ones, yourself included? Keep your eyes peeled for a surprise we have planned, we will be announcing later this week! Until then I hope everyone has a blissful workweek and that your hearts are filled to the brim on Thanksgiving.


Photo: Sarah Bishop Photography


Meet Our New Intern

Project Heart Yourself is growing! We are lucky enough to have gained one special intern, meet our lovely new addition to our very small team, Grace. She is an entrepreneur student at WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University in Tempe. 

From Grace: I love fashion and want to pursue a career in the red carped industry and have started dabbling in creating my own online stores including an equestrian line and iPhone cases. I am involved in a few clubs on campus including Delta Gamma sorority, business of fashion club, women in business association and intramural volleyball. My hobbies are running, horseback riding and photography!

We are very excited to have such an awesome woman and student be part of our team. So glad you are here Grace! 


Hand Crafted With Love

Nestled in the heart of Tempe Arizona sitting at 1524 N. Scottsdale Road lives Jewelsmith, Arizona's most unusual jeweler. This is where each necklace idea for Project Heart Yourself is brought. Jewelsmith then carefully creates hand casted moldings for each design and once the piece has been approved for perfection and is completed to order for Project Heart Yourself. You can be assured that not only was your necklace hand crafted in the United States supporting a small local business but also that it was created from conception to completion, with love.

We love Jewelsmith not only for their dedication to quality but also for their uniqueness. They specialize in pieces that your average jewelry store doesn't think to carry. While there are precious gems, diamonds and watches to ogle over they have vintage pieces, native american pieces with gorgeous regional turquoise as well as fully custom pieces to help make your dreams reality. 

Or if you just need a watch battery fixed, chain fixed or ring resized they can handle it all, sometimes even while you wait. 

Check them out online or in person if you are roaming around the Phoenix area.

Photo by: Sarah Bishop Photography 

Come on Get Happy

You might be looking at this wondering what the heck they have to do with each other, well, they are all wonderful ways to release endorphins. Endorphins are the hormones responsible for making us feel happy. So give it a go, try any or all of these things and feel the difference in your mind/body/day.

1. Laughter: Read a funny book, watch a funny movie or just plain smile.

2. UltraViolet Light: Get outside, or if it's dreary lay in a tanning bed, only 5 minutes can make a huge impact on your body. Don't forget protection with sunscreen and shades though.

3. Spicy foods: Love them or hate them, it works!

4. Exercise: Running, lifting, yoga, doesn't matter. Get your body moving.

5. Sex: yeah, you probably knew that one already.

6. Chocolate: As if you needed another reason to eat chocolate.

7. Aromatherapy: Lavender and vanilla trigger endorphins, also an oil diffuser can really aid in meditation, another way to get those endorphins flowing.

8. Alcohol: Yup, endorphins and relaxation but only in moderation. If you drink too much it actually turns into a depressant, not what you want, so try to keep it at a glass or two. 

Going Gold for Desi

This little ray of sunshine is  Desi . She was diagnosed with stage four high-risk neuroblastoma cancer (I could go into detail but just know, this is a very scary childhood cancer) last April. This 5 year old girl has been putting up one hell of a fight and we want to help her win. Her family is trying to raise $300,000 so that they can send her to a hospital that will greatly increase Desi's chances of survival. Unfortunately, their insurance won't cover any of this cost so it is completely up to them to come up with the money. We want to help them reach that goal, every  curve bar  sold until December we will donate $10 to Desi and her family and hopefully get them closer to that goal and this little girl closer to getting back to her normal daily life.   If you are willing to and can donate more, please do at  YouCaring .

This little ray of sunshine is Desi. She was diagnosed with stage four high-risk neuroblastoma cancer (I could go into detail but just know, this is a very scary childhood cancer) last April. This 5 year old girl has been putting up one hell of a fight and we want to help her win. Her family is trying to raise $300,000 so that they can send her to a hospital that will greatly increase Desi's chances of survival. Unfortunately, their insurance won't cover any of this cost so it is completely up to them to come up with the money. We want to help them reach that goal, every curve bar sold until December we will donate $10 to Desi and her family and hopefully get them closer to that goal and this little girl closer to getting back to her normal daily life. 

If you are willing to and can donate more, please do at YouCaring.

Love Yourself #heartyourself

The world is made up of powerful, gorgeous women and we know it. We love all of you so much and just want to share how special each and everyone are. You don't have to be wearing our jewelry, fancy shoes or even makeup to really love yourself. Tell us why you heart yourself and tag us on Instagram using #heartyourself ! We want to focus on you this October, help us share what makes you special and beautiful and why you heart yourself. 



Sneak Peak

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 9.25.32 PM.png

psst! We have a new necklace! We are thrilled to have partnered with Lindsay Letters. She has the cutest cards, gifts (like this) and I'm drooling over her holiday canvases- so many of them would just look perfect on my mantle! Anyway, head over to Lindsay Letters and check out our sweet little golden arrow, one of the best designs we've ever had. The Aim True Necklace and card set are available on her site now.

Love Love Love


This might be your last chance! We only have 12 Love Necklace's left so if you've been thinking about getting one you may want to pick one of these last ones up before they are gone forever. 

$10 from every necklace sold will go to the Myers family to help support them through this very difficult time in their family after losing their second son, Lennon Myers, from a rare disorder, renal agenesis. We want to remember Lennon and the love he showed us. 

In the words of Ghandi,  "Where there is love, there is life." Live your life in love.


Rainy Day Pick Me Ups

sunshine pillow

It rained in Arizona yesterday, a lot, what they call a "100 year flood." Rainy days happen, in weather and in our personal, emotional lives. So if it's raining buckets in your area of you just feel like there's a little thundercloud over your head alone here are a few suggestions to keep your spirits up.

1. Our Silver Cloud necklace, to remind you that behind every cloud is a silver lining.

2. Silver Linings Playbook, with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, I just can not get enough of her.

3. Wellies for puddles! Hunter Boots are always a timeless choice.

4. A got-o lullaby in our house, why not a throw pillow to brighten up your home. We found this gem on Etsy.



Lennon is Love

I haven't been eager to write this. As a mother the death of anyones child is difficult to realize and fully process. Lennon has passed, he passed on August 21st, two days after his birth, peacefully and surrounded by his family. The Myers family story is truly inspirational, the amount of love and grace that they showed Lennon speaks as to how pure their love for him was. I hate the cliche if you love someone let them go, but there is such truth in it in this situation. Little Lennon was very sick, besides having no kidneys or bladder he was also born before his lungs were fully developed so his lungs had a small hole in each side. There are medical interventions such as kidney dialysis that may have prolonged Lennon's life but with no guarantees or promises, just a very sick baby, Josh and Cara had to consider Lennon more than themselves.

His short time here Lennon was so incredibly loved by his family that they let go of their own agendas to end his suffering while surrounding him making his passing both gentle and beautiful. Josh and Cara Myers made the decision that no parent should ever have to make and they had so much love for Lennon that they let him go instead of holding on for themselves. Little Lennon, in the two days you were here earth side you showed and were shown so much true love. 

Please help show your support for the Myers family, we are donating $10 of every Love necklace to the Myers family, which will now go to funeral expenses. We've only made 100 of these and it's important to us to reach this goal, we want the Myers Family to know that they too are loved and supported. 

This little baby has shown us so much in his small life. He has shown us through his family what true love looks like. When you wear the Love necklace, remember Lennon, remember the ultimate sacrifice that his parents made for him, the love that surrounded him before he was even born and the truest purest love that you can possibly experience earth side. Remember that love and remember to spread that love to all around you, we are all someones child.

Here is a beautiful excerpt on what Josh had to say about his son and his passing, 


You see sometimes and more often than not Love calls us to give something up unselfishly instead of clinging onto it. As much as we loved little Lennon from the moment we laid our eyes on him we loved him too much to hurt him or even drag him through OUR fight. Lennon wasn't about us. Lennon was about Lennon. Lennon was about Love. We don't blame God at all. Lennon had some sick little guy issues that no baby should ever have to suffer through. Please hear me in this. Sometimes the fight isn't the thing you're fighting but the fight is letting go of self. We aren't special, we just chose from the moment we found out about Lennon that we would let love win.

Read more from Josh Myers and the story of Lennon here.

If you can and would like to make a larger donation to they Myers family, please do so here.

You can find Love for Lennon on Facebook.




Lennon is here!


Hey everyone, Lennon is here and he and his family need our love and support now! This is from Go Shout Love:

Friends, sweet baby Lennon surprised us all and was born today. He is a month early and was born 2Ibs 12oz. As most of you know, Lennon is our August feature and he was not due until the end of September and had been diagnosed with Renal Agenesis. The Myers went for a routine appointment earlier today only to find out it was critical for Lennon to be born ASAP. Lennon is stable, but in critical condition. Tiffany and Jessica from Go Shout Love have been at the hospital most of today and our photographer, Jessica was able to capture Lennon's birth. Lennon has a lot of hurdles to get through, but he is strong and is a fighter! We know this community can show up BIG and we are asking for that right now. Please pray and please shower Josh and Cara in love and encouragement and support over at Love For Lennon. They may have some very difficult decisions to face soon and they need our love and support more than ever. Please please pray and please surround them with love. We will update with details as we get them. Please share this if you feel led and let's rally the troops! #loveforlennon

We have our Love necklaces for sale, proceeds go to Lennon and his family to help with their medical bills. Keep Lennon in your thoughts, this little babe is in for a fight.


Sites We Love: byTouriya

We want to spread some internet love by introducing you all to an amazing lifestyle site byTouriya. The site was started by the gorgeous Touriya Haoud, a model and mother of 3 boys! If there is one thing we understand it's how much work and dedication motherhood is, byTouriya helps add in some glamour and pampering to your home, style and even your kiddos.

byTouriya is all about fashion for moms by moms that are leaders in the fashion industry and know exactly what they are talking about.  This online magazine is filled with great style tips for kids and moms as well as ways to stay healthy and live an active lifestyle. It has everything from Kourtney Kardashian telling you exactly what she carries in her purse to the newest trends in fitness. Go check them out and I promise that even sitting in your living room in your pajamas this site will make you *feel* more LA. And while you are there check out our feature, as well as all the other great shopping they share!



All You Need Is Love: Love For Lennon

This month we are working with Go Shout Love again for a very special little baby. Little Lennon Myers hasn't been born yet, he is due next month and once he's here he will need a lot of extra care. His story is already a very special one.

Lennon has been diagnosed with renal agenesis, which is when one or both kidneys fail to develop. Renal agenesis is a genetic condition that affects 1 in 750 babies which little Lennon's parents, Josh and Cara know all too well. On the morning of September 11th, 2001 Cara gave birth to a baby boy Zachary Mathew. Zachary also had renal agenesis and was unable to get life flighted out of the hospital due to the grounding of all planes after the terrorist attacks. Tragically Zachary was not able to receive the help he needed and did not make it. Now lightning has struck their family again yet they are still hopeful in Lennon.

Josh and Cara are facing difficult and emotional road as they prepare for Lennon's arrival, not to mention the financial burden that comes with needing a team of specialists. This month we have created a limited edition necklace just for Lennon. With the inspiration from his namesake (that would be John Lennon) we have created the Love necklace because all you really need is love and we want to surround this little baby with love. The Love necklace comes in silver and with an adjustable chain. We will be donating $10 of every sale of the Love necklace to the Myers family, they are a very limited edition with 100 made so don't wait and donate to this baby. Help us spread the love to him and his family.

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 12.04.58 AM.png

If you wish to give more to the Myers family, you can do so through Go Shout Love or Go Fund Me

Fresh Start Women's Foundation

Project Heart Yourself started not only as a reminder for women to remember to love themselves but also had a goal to help others. Proceeds from every purchase made goes to helping women, sometimes we feature a family that needs support but the majority of our donations are made to the Fresh Start Foundation.

Fresh Start Women's Foundation started in Phoenix in 1992 as a way to serve women in life crisis and transitions and to empower them. In 2002 they opened the Jewell McFarland Lewis Center in Phoenix, they now have a career center in Chandler, Arizona as well as online classes and services. They now serve over 26,000 women each year. Women in search of help after job loss, divorce or relationship struggles or even those who just need some help to get to a better place in their lives are welcomed to Fresh Start. At the Jewell McFarland Lewis Center they can receive financial counseling, job training, attend workshops, law support and all of this is with free child care included.

While you may have not suddenly lost your job, been in an abusive relationship or just needed a new start I'm sure you know not just someone, but many women who would benefit from a program such as this. We love Fresh Start because not only is it women helping women but because it is women empowering other women to become who they were meant to be. 


If you or someone you know could benefit from Fresh Start's services check them out online.

Monday Prep

I hope your weekend was amazing and relaxing and everything you wanted in a weekend... because tomorrow is Monday and there is little worse than a Monday during summer. That being said I found this quote on Pintrest and wanted to pass it on.

Go this week and make it your intention to live a life you are proud of. Don't be afraid to start over, even start over again for the 5th or 6th time, because once you are where you are meant to be you will know it and happiness will find you. So take the chance, like  Traci did in moving to California (in our last blog). We promise it is worth it.

Happy Monday.


quote print from Juliehibbard.blogspot