Fresh Start Women's Foundation

Project Heart Yourself started not only as a reminder for women to remember to love themselves but also had a goal to help others. Proceeds from every purchase made goes to helping women, sometimes we feature a family that needs support but the majority of our donations are made to the Fresh Start Foundation.

Fresh Start Women's Foundation started in Phoenix in 1992 as a way to serve women in life crisis and transitions and to empower them. In 2002 they opened the Jewell McFarland Lewis Center in Phoenix, they now have a career center in Chandler, Arizona as well as online classes and services. They now serve over 26,000 women each year. Women in search of help after job loss, divorce or relationship struggles or even those who just need some help to get to a better place in their lives are welcomed to Fresh Start. At the Jewell McFarland Lewis Center they can receive financial counseling, job training, attend workshops, law support and all of this is with free child care included.

While you may have not suddenly lost your job, been in an abusive relationship or just needed a new start I'm sure you know not just someone, but many women who would benefit from a program such as this. We love Fresh Start because not only is it women helping women but because it is women empowering other women to become who they were meant to be. 


If you or someone you know could benefit from Fresh Start's services check them out online.