Meet Our New Intern

Project Heart Yourself is growing! We are lucky enough to have gained one special intern, meet our lovely new addition to our very small team, Grace. She is an entrepreneur student at WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University in Tempe. 

From Grace: I love fashion and want to pursue a career in the red carped industry and have started dabbling in creating my own online stores including an equestrian line and iPhone cases. I am involved in a few clubs on campus including Delta Gamma sorority, business of fashion club, women in business association and intramural volleyball. My hobbies are running, horseback riding and photography!

We are very excited to have such an awesome woman and student be part of our team. So glad you are here Grace! 


Love Yourself #heartyourself

The world is made up of powerful, gorgeous women and we know it. We love all of you so much and just want to share how special each and everyone are. You don't have to be wearing our jewelry, fancy shoes or even makeup to really love yourself. Tell us why you heart yourself and tag us on Instagram using #heartyourself ! We want to focus on you this October, help us share what makes you special and beautiful and why you heart yourself. 



Memorial Day

While Memorial Day is supposed to be about remembering our nations lost soldiers we know the reality is it's a day filled with cookouts and pool parties. The holiday kick off to the summer and swimsuit season makes some women cringe but we say embrace you and own the skin you are in. 

Luckily the trends for swimsuits this summer are all about covering up our insecurities- using more fabric than I've seen in years but don't be afraid to be bold. If you feel good in that swimsuit you wear it even if it's a string bikini or a burka! I don't want to post any photos here of skinny models looking hot and airbrushed in swimsuits so that you can end up admiring the suits and comparing yourself to them but I encourage you to look for the suit that is unique, your style and feels good then wear it all summer until you can't wear it anymore. There are so many fun choices out there for everyone just be true to you, your fit and your comfort and you will feel awesome I promise. Be comfortable being you and have a great Memorial Day and summer. 


print from  Joss & Main

print from Joss & Main