Collaboration: Infinite Hope with Booby and the Beast


Cancer is a c word we are used to. It constantly touches the periphery of our lives, we all have someone close to us that suffered or suffers from this disease. 

February is cancer awareness month. I think you would be hard-pressed to find anyone over the age of 6 that isn’t highly aware of cancer, therefore, I think we need to make more of an effort to be aware of our own bodies, being aware of your body and the changes that happen internally and externally can make all the difference in the world when if comes to cancer.  Know your body, know if that mole changes shape, if there is a lump, if you have persistent headaches- know what is your normal and take enough care of yourself to have anything checked out. Be aware and be preventative (that includes quitting the smokes) and be an advocate for yourself, if you think something is wrong then trust your gut, it's okay if you think you are crazy, get it checked out anyway.

We have collaborated with Jennifer Campisano from  Booby and the Beast for a new necklace, the Infinity necklace. This piece stands for the infinite hope, hope that you cling to when life becomes its most difficult. 

Life throws you both good and bad circumstances. You can choose how to live with them. I choose hope -Jennifer Campisano

Life throws you both good and bad circumstances. You can choose how to live with them. I choose hope -Jennifer Campisano

Jennifer’s blog is touching, charming, funny, informative, and it will grab your heart and twist it. She gives us an honest and endearing account of what it is like to live with cancer.
In 2011, at only 32, with a brand new baby boy, Jennifer thought she found a lump in her breast. Her doctor assured her it was only a clogged duct from nursing her infant and assured her it would go away. She knew better, got a second opinion and that “clogged duct” turned out to be stage IV metastatic breast cancer. 
Jennifer has gone through multiple chemo treatments, losing her hair twice and while she has been cancer free for a year now she continues to endure chemo treatments and will have chemo until there is a cure.
The way Jennifer is so open and honest really opened my eyes as to what her world is like and while I knew what cancer and chemo does to the body scientifically she showed me what cancer does to the person and their family. After reading through her experience I will never look at cancer the same way, neither should you. While you may have little control on developing cancer you can still fight it. You can still be aware, aware of your body, aware of the effects that cancer has on those that suffer and aware that we need to find a real cure.

This is Jennifer, documenting her hair growth.

This is Jennifer, documenting her hair growth.

I asked Jennifer about the loss of her hair, her blog is filled with updates on her loss, gain, and loss again and the gain again of her hair. I’ve seen/heard many a woman warrior make the bald head a battle statement of cancer but Jennifer didn’t necessarily embrace this loss, instead she accepted the situation that she was in and validated it with utter honesty: loosing your hair fucking sucks. Women everyday obsesses over their hair, I rarely remember to brush my curly mess but I would be lost and naked without my hair. Our founder of Project Heart Yourself is herself an Internet celebrity thanks to her hair blog, even if it was en vogue to shave your head (it does come in and out of style) you wouldn't shave your head because it is part of your feminine identity, hair is a huge part of being a woman and feeling good about you. 

Jennifer’s story goes hand in hand with Project Heart Yourself. Loving yourself is one of the hardest but most paramount aspects to life. You do not always have control over what happens to you, or in you but with grace you can accept it and learn to continue living a beautiful life. 


As always, profits from the infinity necklace (and all jewelry here) are donated to charity but we encourage you to make a donation to METAvivor which donates all money to researching metastatic cancer because we lose 1 woman every 15 minutes in the U.S to breast cancer.

Project Heart Yourself

Heart yourself first and everything else will fall into place.

Large sterling silver heart, with a small gold vermeil heart. This delicate love heart has "yourself" engraved on the back to help remind you to "heart yourself" daily.

Heart yourself blog is going to be a place where women can share their inspirational stories about what ever they want to share. Let it be a place where we are all equals. Lets encourage each other instead of discouraging each other. I'm going to start this blog space off by sharing my own journey launching project Heart Yourself.

There's a million reasons why I wanted to launch Heart Yourself. It completely happened organically and I couldn't be prouder of my new venture. I have a hair blog called Confessions of a Hairstylist where I teach and inspire the everyday women about how to do their own hair. I believe I encourage women to look and feel their best through good hair.

So, with me having an online presence, I got to thinking that I really wanted to take advantage of being on the world wide web.  I got to brainstorming and knew I wanted to do something charity related, but wasn't exactly sure what. 

The other week while I was on the elliptical at the gym, I started glancing around at everyone and started noticing the women who walk with their heads down as they are ashamed or not overly confident in their own bodies. It really got me thinking on how cool it was that through great hair, you can instill confidence in the everyday women, but there has to be something more that I could do. Then I suddenly got the idea that women just need to love them selves no matter what. That's when Heart Yourself was born. I thought, how cool would it be to have a daily reminder to have women empowerment and love yourself each and everyday from a special piece of jewelry.

I immediately called my Mother in Law Sue who is a jeweler. She owns the most unusual Jewelry store in Arizona called the Jewelsmith in Tempe, and has been in the business since the 70's. She loved my idea and we quickly started making up some samples of some delicate yet trendy jewelry pieces. I then decided that my Charity of choice was going to be Fresh Start which is not only local, but it's right up my alley on trying to encourage women empowerment.

Fresh Start is a non-profit organization dedicated to help empower women through the services of the Jewell McFarland Lewis-Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center. It is the first comprehensive self-help center for women in the country helping women and empowering them. Fresh Start has different types of neat mentoring programs, self- esteem services and much more! I felt like it's a great fit for what I'm trying to achieve and really hits home.

 I got the best design gal in the business Melanie from My Billie Designs to start on my branding. And then Heart Yourself was brought to life. I can't tell you how good it feels to be doing this. You know when you're not sure where you are going, but you just know its the right path? That's how I'm feeling right now. 

Women empowerment is so close to my heart. It is what drives me to be a better mom, wife, person, hairstylist each and everyday. I know not everyone has the courage to go for their dreams, so I'm hoping that everyone knows that they are able to do anything that they want in life, as long as they continue to reach for it. 

Now, the jewelry I've created won't give anyone magically power, but I hope that the pieces can be a reminder to heart yourself, pick yourself up from a bad situation or have the courage to aim high.

Struggling with self esteem and body image issues my whole life, putting myself on the web has been a personal journey that I've really struggled with.  I started filming my YouTube channel when I was 6 months pregnant and still have some baby weight to lose. But through this personal and professional journey of my own, as funny as it sounds, it has given me a lot of confidence. And I really owe that to my viewers and fans that come back every week and leave the sweetest comments for me. I have finally accepted all of my flaws and have been really loving myself lately.

Call it narcissistic if you will, but I call it one of my biggest accomplishments. So going through what I have in the past (which is for another post), having my new found confidence and truly learning to love myself, I feel that everything is falling into place. 

I hope everyone is liking the inspirational jewelry we have created and If you want to keep up with monthly deals follow Heart Yourself on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.