Sites We Love: byTouriya

We want to spread some internet love by introducing you all to an amazing lifestyle site byTouriya. The site was started by the gorgeous Touriya Haoud, a model and mother of 3 boys! If there is one thing we understand it's how much work and dedication motherhood is, byTouriya helps add in some glamour and pampering to your home, style and even your kiddos.

byTouriya is all about fashion for moms by moms that are leaders in the fashion industry and know exactly what they are talking about.  This online magazine is filled with great style tips for kids and moms as well as ways to stay healthy and live an active lifestyle. It has everything from Kourtney Kardashian telling you exactly what she carries in her purse to the newest trends in fitness. Go check them out and I promise that even sitting in your living room in your pajamas this site will make you *feel* more LA. And while you are there check out our feature, as well as all the other great shopping they share!