You might of heard of this little trick when it comes to giving to kids but we are going to spin it a little for a holiday guide for you. 


This is a major want. The gold diamond bliss bar screams perfection. It's subtle yet stunning with just a hint of bling and the gold just glimmers under all the holiday lights! It warms the skin tone and goes with pretty much every outfit, how could this necklace not be pure bliss?


photo:  marissa_collections  via flickr cc

photo: marissa_collections via flickr cc

Most of us need coffee to survive especially during the busy holidays. We love supporting small coffee roasters that care about the quality as well as the world we live in. A favorite is Counter Culture Coffee. They spread all sorts of good karma around their and their farmer's community and they provide a seriously good direct trade bean, try their Holiday Blend for your morning caffeinated kick.


Braids, braids, braids! Frozen brought it back in a big way but these beauties are here to stay. Check out the lovely Confessions of a Hairstylist for all sorts of braid do's, tricks and tips like this double french braid. She has easy to follow youtube videos that will ensure inspiration for every holiday party you head to (pun intended).


photo:  weelittlepiggy  via flickr cc

photo: weelittlepiggy via flickr cc

Do yourself a favor and before the final movie comes out next year lose yourself in these books. As per usual, the movie can not possibly fit in every single thing that the book does (but the movies still do a fantastic job). These books will take over your life for a few weeks so be willing to lose your smart phone and give in. You will not be sorry, you will be enthralled and maybe even willing to volunteer for tribute (or just washing dishes) yourself.