12 Days of Christmas

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We love the holidays and we love our beautiful customers so we are celebrating with a 12 Days of Christmas Sale! For 12 consecutive days in December we are sending you guys and ladies some awesome deals like $20 off our Gold Bliss Bar, our Silver Paper Plane Necklace for only $38 and 10 other killer sales to fulfill your holiday wish lists and gift lists. Just check  our Instagram and Facebook daily starting December 1st for all sale info and have an awesome Thanksgiving Day weekend.


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Sneak Peak

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psst! We have a new necklace! We are thrilled to have partnered with Lindsay Letters. She has the cutest cards, gifts (like this) and I'm drooling over her holiday canvases- so many of them would just look perfect on my mantle! Anyway, head over to Lindsay Letters and check out our sweet little golden arrow, one of the best designs we've ever had. The Aim True Necklace and card set are available on her site now.

Lennon is Love

I haven't been eager to write this. As a mother the death of anyones child is difficult to realize and fully process. Lennon has passed, he passed on August 21st, two days after his birth, peacefully and surrounded by his family. The Myers family story is truly inspirational, the amount of love and grace that they showed Lennon speaks as to how pure their love for him was. I hate the cliche if you love someone let them go, but there is such truth in it in this situation. Little Lennon was very sick, besides having no kidneys or bladder he was also born before his lungs were fully developed so his lungs had a small hole in each side. There are medical interventions such as kidney dialysis that may have prolonged Lennon's life but with no guarantees or promises, just a very sick baby, Josh and Cara had to consider Lennon more than themselves.

His short time here Lennon was so incredibly loved by his family that they let go of their own agendas to end his suffering while surrounding him making his passing both gentle and beautiful. Josh and Cara Myers made the decision that no parent should ever have to make and they had so much love for Lennon that they let him go instead of holding on for themselves. Little Lennon, in the two days you were here earth side you showed and were shown so much true love. 

Please help show your support for the Myers family, we are donating $10 of every Love necklace to the Myers family, which will now go to funeral expenses. We've only made 100 of these and it's important to us to reach this goal, we want the Myers Family to know that they too are loved and supported. 

This little baby has shown us so much in his small life. He has shown us through his family what true love looks like. When you wear the Love necklace, remember Lennon, remember the ultimate sacrifice that his parents made for him, the love that surrounded him before he was even born and the truest purest love that you can possibly experience earth side. Remember that love and remember to spread that love to all around you, we are all someones child.

Here is a beautiful excerpt on what Josh had to say about his son and his passing, 


You see sometimes and more often than not Love calls us to give something up unselfishly instead of clinging onto it. As much as we loved little Lennon from the moment we laid our eyes on him we loved him too much to hurt him or even drag him through OUR fight. Lennon wasn't about us. Lennon was about Lennon. Lennon was about Love. We don't blame God at all. Lennon had some sick little guy issues that no baby should ever have to suffer through. Please hear me in this. Sometimes the fight isn't the thing you're fighting but the fight is letting go of self. We aren't special, we just chose from the moment we found out about Lennon that we would let love win.

Read more from Josh Myers and the story of Lennon here.

If you can and would like to make a larger donation to they Myers family, please do so here.

You can find Love for Lennon on Facebook.




Traci Barrett: Mind, Body, Spirit: Behind the Design

We have had the privilege of knowing and working with the talented Traci Barrett. She is a hair and makeup artist out of Los Angeles, who works in commercial, editorial and with celebrities and musicians. She is also the designer behind our Triangle Necklace

Here is her story in her own words: 

My career started at a salon. When I was 16, I worked at Toni&Guy in Phoenix, Arizona. 
I wasn't happy in Arizona. I had been doing hair in a salon for 2 years. I was 20 years old, nearly 21. I lived in an art commune in downtown Phoenix. I was pretty involved in the art scene. I co-founded a clothing boutique, did marketing and event planning, curated multiple art shows, built runways by hand and walked them, painted girls in latex, the list goes on. But, somehow I still wasnt finding myself or my happiness. Despite my efforts, I was a broke ass artist. I read a great quote that said something to the effect of "You can only truly find your truth when you learn to question everything you've ever been told." 

That was it, I was out. In 2005, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue the business outside of the salon. I packed all of my belongings in my car and at 8 oclock at night drove to Los Angeles. I arrived at 2am with nowhere official to live and no job. I'll let you imagine how much money wasnt in my bank account, either. Luckily, I did have a couple friends that were generous enough to offer up their couches. I stayed. I struggled. I struggled for a very long time. My cosmetology license that I had in Arizona wouldn't transfer to California at the time. I really wanted to work in the business so I refused to go get a jobby job because I was worried that it would make me unavailable to freelance if a job called. I was a slave to it. I waited. I hustled. And when I say hustled, thats an understatement. I planned shoots, I knocked on doors, I cold called, I got people coffee, I cleaned dog shit out of Fendi bags. Literally. I was scared shitless. (no pun intended.) But, I was never too scared to give up. I couldn't. 

And I made it. It's been almost 9 years to the day. I've done, seen, and been through some crazy stuff. But I would never take any of it back. It has 100% made me who I am. I thought that I was looking for a certain person in myself. I thought that I would move to LA and just magically find who I was. Like once I got here this other girl would just be waiting and say, "This is who you really are; welcome." Little did I know that I was moving to LA to make that girl. 


What message do you want to share with the world?
Never be afraid of what you want. What is waiting for you on the other side is greater than you can even imagine.
Tell us about your concept behind the design of the Triangle necklace.
The concept for the necklace comes from the heart. Its a reminder to always expand your mind, nurture your body, and stay in touch with your spirit, even when the fight gets hard. Read a book, take a walk, do yoga. Remembering to work on yourself everyday makes life's daily challenges easier to manage. No one will ever take care of you the way you do. You are your number one and you always have to remember that. Know your truth and nurture it, no matter the cost or what others have to say. You wont regret it. Mind. Body. Spirit. by Traci Barrett 

Thank you Traci, you are an inspiration with such a refreshing story, we love you!

Fallow Traci on Instagram and check out her work here.

Photos from Heart Yourself and Traci Barrett.