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This might be your last chance! We only have 12 Love Necklace's left so if you've been thinking about getting one you may want to pick one of these last ones up before they are gone forever. 

$10 from every necklace sold will go to the Myers family to help support them through this very difficult time in their family after losing their second son, Lennon Myers, from a rare disorder, renal agenesis. We want to remember Lennon and the love he showed us. 

In the words of Ghandi,  "Where there is love, there is life." Live your life in love.


Lennon is here!


Hey everyone, Lennon is here and he and his family need our love and support now! This is from Go Shout Love:

Friends, sweet baby Lennon surprised us all and was born today. He is a month early and was born 2Ibs 12oz. As most of you know, Lennon is our August feature and he was not due until the end of September and had been diagnosed with Renal Agenesis. The Myers went for a routine appointment earlier today only to find out it was critical for Lennon to be born ASAP. Lennon is stable, but in critical condition. Tiffany and Jessica from Go Shout Love have been at the hospital most of today and our photographer, Jessica was able to capture Lennon's birth. Lennon has a lot of hurdles to get through, but he is strong and is a fighter! We know this community can show up BIG and we are asking for that right now. Please pray and please shower Josh and Cara in love and encouragement and support over at Love For Lennon. They may have some very difficult decisions to face soon and they need our love and support more than ever. Please please pray and please surround them with love. We will update with details as we get them. Please share this if you feel led and let's rally the troops! #loveforlennon

We have our Love necklaces for sale, proceeds go to Lennon and his family to help with their medical bills. Keep Lennon in your thoughts, this little babe is in for a fight.


All You Need Is Love: Love For Lennon

This month we are working with Go Shout Love again for a very special little baby. Little Lennon Myers hasn't been born yet, he is due next month and once he's here he will need a lot of extra care. His story is already a very special one.

Lennon has been diagnosed with renal agenesis, which is when one or both kidneys fail to develop. Renal agenesis is a genetic condition that affects 1 in 750 babies which little Lennon's parents, Josh and Cara know all too well. On the morning of September 11th, 2001 Cara gave birth to a baby boy Zachary Mathew. Zachary also had renal agenesis and was unable to get life flighted out of the hospital due to the grounding of all planes after the terrorist attacks. Tragically Zachary was not able to receive the help he needed and did not make it. Now lightning has struck their family again yet they are still hopeful in Lennon.

Josh and Cara are facing difficult and emotional road as they prepare for Lennon's arrival, not to mention the financial burden that comes with needing a team of specialists. This month we have created a limited edition necklace just for Lennon. With the inspiration from his namesake (that would be John Lennon) we have created the Love necklace because all you really need is love and we want to surround this little baby with love. The Love necklace comes in silver and with an adjustable chain. We will be donating $10 of every sale of the Love necklace to the Myers family, they are a very limited edition with 100 made so don't wait and donate to this baby. Help us spread the love to him and his family.

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If you wish to give more to the Myers family, you can do so through Go Shout Love or Go Fund Me