Choose Love, Be Kind


They say love is one of the hardest words to translate. The Greeks had four different words for love.  Since the beginning of civilization we have all been interconnected by a feeling we can not resist, in fact, we probably never would have survived without some sort of cavewoman maternal love, whether it’s blood or romance, we love one another and search for others to love. If we are so drawn to connect and protect through love you have to wonder why women in particular find little love for themselves.

The goal of Project Heart Yourself is to promote self esteem in women I want to extend the challenge from loving yourself to loving others around us, women in our lives in particular.

Studies have shown that women share more about their bodies and are inclined to speak negatively about themselves in group settings. When this happens our natural female tendencies are to agree and attempt to put ourselves on the same level, thus talking negatively about ourselves as well (thank you sophomore gender studies class). I see this all the time in the women around me. Sometimes just being aware of the negative comments without even participating in the conversation is enough to affect my mood.

So stop bringing yourself down, stop bringing others down, stop bringing yourself down to meet others that are also down. Do not agree with negativity, instead chose something positive, something kind to say.

Here's an example, because it's hard:

Sarah:  "I ate way too much over the holidays, now I just feel huge, I should start a diet tomorrow."

Jenny: "Have you seen that buzzfeed article  with the women of all sizes doing yoga? Really shows that all bodies are beautiful" 

Be kind. Be kind to yourself and to others around you and you will start to love yourself more, love others more and they will love you in return. It’s our human tendency, we can’t help it. We can chose to be negative or we can choose kindness and spread some more love this season.

"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness" The Dalai Lama XIV

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Love Yourself #heartyourself

The world is made up of powerful, gorgeous women and we know it. We love all of you so much and just want to share how special each and everyone are. You don't have to be wearing our jewelry, fancy shoes or even makeup to really love yourself. Tell us why you heart yourself and tag us on Instagram using #heartyourself ! We want to focus on you this October, help us share what makes you special and beautiful and why you heart yourself. 



Traci Barrett: Mind, Body, Spirit: Behind the Design

We have had the privilege of knowing and working with the talented Traci Barrett. She is a hair and makeup artist out of Los Angeles, who works in commercial, editorial and with celebrities and musicians. She is also the designer behind our Triangle Necklace

Here is her story in her own words: 

My career started at a salon. When I was 16, I worked at Toni&Guy in Phoenix, Arizona. 
I wasn't happy in Arizona. I had been doing hair in a salon for 2 years. I was 20 years old, nearly 21. I lived in an art commune in downtown Phoenix. I was pretty involved in the art scene. I co-founded a clothing boutique, did marketing and event planning, curated multiple art shows, built runways by hand and walked them, painted girls in latex, the list goes on. But, somehow I still wasnt finding myself or my happiness. Despite my efforts, I was a broke ass artist. I read a great quote that said something to the effect of "You can only truly find your truth when you learn to question everything you've ever been told." 

That was it, I was out. In 2005, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue the business outside of the salon. I packed all of my belongings in my car and at 8 oclock at night drove to Los Angeles. I arrived at 2am with nowhere official to live and no job. I'll let you imagine how much money wasnt in my bank account, either. Luckily, I did have a couple friends that were generous enough to offer up their couches. I stayed. I struggled. I struggled for a very long time. My cosmetology license that I had in Arizona wouldn't transfer to California at the time. I really wanted to work in the business so I refused to go get a jobby job because I was worried that it would make me unavailable to freelance if a job called. I was a slave to it. I waited. I hustled. And when I say hustled, thats an understatement. I planned shoots, I knocked on doors, I cold called, I got people coffee, I cleaned dog shit out of Fendi bags. Literally. I was scared shitless. (no pun intended.) But, I was never too scared to give up. I couldn't. 

And I made it. It's been almost 9 years to the day. I've done, seen, and been through some crazy stuff. But I would never take any of it back. It has 100% made me who I am. I thought that I was looking for a certain person in myself. I thought that I would move to LA and just magically find who I was. Like once I got here this other girl would just be waiting and say, "This is who you really are; welcome." Little did I know that I was moving to LA to make that girl. 


What message do you want to share with the world?
Never be afraid of what you want. What is waiting for you on the other side is greater than you can even imagine.
Tell us about your concept behind the design of the Triangle necklace.
The concept for the necklace comes from the heart. Its a reminder to always expand your mind, nurture your body, and stay in touch with your spirit, even when the fight gets hard. Read a book, take a walk, do yoga. Remembering to work on yourself everyday makes life's daily challenges easier to manage. No one will ever take care of you the way you do. You are your number one and you always have to remember that. Know your truth and nurture it, no matter the cost or what others have to say. You wont regret it. Mind. Body. Spirit. by Traci Barrett 

Thank you Traci, you are an inspiration with such a refreshing story, we love you!

Fallow Traci on Instagram and check out her work here.

Photos from Heart Yourself and Traci Barrett.

Sterling Silver Heart

So happy to introduce our new Sterling Silver Heart Yourself Hearts. These are one of a kind and are made of 100% sterling silver. This unique heart is the center of our company, and exactly why our company got started. We wanted to create meaningful jewelry for every women to have constant reminders that they are loved and beautiful. 

Each heart is carefully made and casted by our Goldsmith that is located locally in Tempe, AZ at the family owned and operated jewelry store called The Jewel Smith. So when you buy jewelry from us, not only are you supporting our charity of choice Fresh Start, you are supporting an American made company. 

So wear our delicate sterling silver heart everyday for a constant reminder to "Heart Yourself."

Let Your Mind Soar


Imagine and believe. Let your mind SOAR with our sterling silver airplanes. Wear our delicate charms as a daily reminder to believe in yourself and let your creative mind soar. 

These necklaces come in 16inch and 18inch chains and retail for $48. Feel good when you are buying a piece of jewelry from us, as portions of our proceeds go to charity.